Bible College

A religious Education

Choosing to pursue a religious education means you're a particular type of student - you value truth, justice and respect, and intend to incorporate your spirituality into your everyday life. It's important that your education, and the career you intend to enter following your schooling, reflect these values.

Bible college provides students with the best of both a university education and community college training. Bible college students have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects - from business and professional studies to religious education (like they would in a four-year institution). However, the subject matter is much less theoretical. Rather than being taught the liberal arts, Bible college students are taught within the framework of their faith. They are surrounded by people who possess similar values and beliefs, and are guided through their studies by professors and instructors who are interested not only in knowledge, but in spirituality and how it can be applied in life.

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Bible College Students

Choosing the right Bible college is difficult. The process can be stressful, perhaps even overwhelming. You have to choose a place, a program and maybe even a residence or apartment - that's a lot of decisions to make! Even more, those decisions are going to affect your life for possibly the next four years, and will also have a hand in determining where you're headed after you've finished school.

So what kinds of things do you have to keep in mind when you're choosing your school?

  • What will you study? Most Bible colleges are known for a particular program or specialty. If you're going to school to become a Bible counselor, choose the college that's known for the highest graduate success rate in that program. You may have to sacrifice location, or pay a little more, but it will be well worth it to get the best education.
  • Where will you study? Some students aren't sure of the area they'd like to focus on. In that case, location might be the key to your decision. Do you want to stay close to friends and family at home? Or maybe you're looking to get as far away as possible to try something new. Your quality of life outside the classroom should be as important a consideration as what you'll learn inside the classroom.
  • Who do you want to study with? Is there a professor or instructor who inspired you to choose your path? Maybe there's a specialist in your field that can help you learn as much as possible. Find the school with the people you're interested in learning from and whom you believe will help you meet your goals.
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