Bible College Programs

Choosing the education that's right for you

Many students assume they have to forego attending a school that suits their personal beliefs or religious life in order to get an education that will work for them in the "real world." While many students attend a Bible college to study religion or enter a spiritual career path, those who don't are now finding they don't have to sacrifice the quality of their education to attend a school that emphasizes faith.

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Today's Bible colleges offer a variety of different programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, most of which are accredited by the same regulating boards that oversee secular colleges. It's true that some of the most common programs found at Bible colleges are centered on Christian teachings and push students toward careers in teaching, youth work, counseling and community work. However, you can also find general arts degree programs, as well as business and professional studies.

The great thing about a Bible college is you can find many of the same programs that are offered at secular schools, but the ways in which they are taught and the school atmosphere is more amenable to your personal beliefs and way of life. The education is high quality, and there aren't the same types of pressures that can be found on secular campuses. You'll also benefit on a personal level from choosing to take your program at a Bible college, because there's more focus on the development of the individual than on the memorization of information. Many employers look highly on graduates of Bible colleges because they chose an education path that is personally relevant and doesn't just look good on a resume.


There are many different levels and programs of study offered at Bible colleges across the country:

  • Diplomas in Counseling and Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts - Education; Humanities (i.e. English, History); Interdisciplinary Studies; Ministry; Religious Studies; etc.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Masters of Arts
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy

What Program to Choose

It's fine to pursue a degree in a program that will help you get a good job, but if you're not interested in the education, you're not going to be interested in the job. Take a look at the things you like to do in your spare time. If you could be doing anything, what would it be? Follow your desires and you'll feel like you've never worked a day in your life. With all the different programs available to you, you could even spend some time experimenting to find the best fit.

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