Undergraduate Bible College Programs

Post-secondary education

The diversity of programs available at the undergraduate level in Bible colleges across the country means that no matter what you want to study you can find a school that suits your needs. The important thing to watch for, however, is accreditation. The school you select should be approved by an outside accrediting body, be it state or church sanctioned. An unaccredited school, while perhaps still offering a valid education, may not be recognized by employers or graduate schools, and you could find yourself with an essentially useless degree.

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General Programs

If you haven't decided on the concentration you'd like to pursue, you can always start off in a general program. General programs, such as Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies or Religious Studies, can allow you time to find out what it is you'd like to pursue.

If you choose not to narrow your focus, you can still graduate with a general degree. A general degree will allow you more choice in the career market once you've left college. For example, a general arts degree can get you a job in business, education or the arts.

A general degree also tells employers you've gained the skills necessary to learn and adapt, and you've had a variety of educational experiences that you'll be able to apply to the job. A general degree might not get you the same starting salary as a focused degree can, but the flexibility it offers will follow you throughout your career.

Focused Programs

Focused programs are based on a particular discipline or career path, and offer a more centered education - you go into a prescribed program with the intention of gaining of the specific skills that will apply directly to the job you're pursuing. With a focused degree, employers will recognize that you've spent several years working toward a particular job.

For some job sectors, you have to have a focused degree. For example, if you're looking to go into teaching, you have to have a teaching degree. The same is true for other types of leadership positions, such as pastors or youth workers.

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