Professional Bible College Studies

Education for the working world

Most Bible colleges offer professional studies for students who intend to enter a religious vocation but aren't interested in a leadership position such as pastor or youth worker. Professional programs give students the opportunity to learn the skills required for getting a job in a secular vocation, as well.

Basically, skills gained through professional studies include those needed to succeed in the business world - whether that business is a religious institution or a Fortune-500 company, you'll have garnered the same education that's offered in a secular institution, but will have done so in an atmosphere that's more welcoming to your personal growth. That sounds like a win-win situation if there ever was one!

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Professional studies is a broad category that offers a number of different concentration options. While each Bible college will offer its own selection, there are several that can be found on most campuses:

  • Accounting and finances - Whether you're keeping track of church donations or managing a payroll, accounting and finances programs provide you with the skills to handle cash, accounts and company finances. You can concentrate on general skills such as accounts, or you can focus your education on specifics such as taxes or exporting.
  • Communications - A broader category, communications can cover a variety of skills, from professional writing to communications technology, as well as speaking and presentation skills. These skills are in high demand in the business world, where most students come from a technical background and need work on the soft skills required to work with a team.
  • Computers - A technological education will prepare students for a number of jobs, whether in the spiritual or secular arenas. Almost every business in North America is involved with computers in some way or another, whether they're used for something as simple as recording sales or are completely relied upon to run the company.
  • Office administration - Organizational and management skills are essential in an office environment. No matter what type of industry you go into, you'll find there's a team who relies on the executive assistant or the office manager to keep things running smoothly. In this type of program, you'll learn technical skills such as word processing, data recording and event planning, at the same time that you're perfecting your soft skills such as communication and team relations.
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