Education Administration

The inner workings of the education sector

Working in the administrative branch of the education sector usually follows a career of teaching or other educational work. The top positions also require advanced degrees, including a Master's Degree or even a PhD.

There are a number of different work environments available to an educational administrator - from working in schools, to managing galleries and museums, to coordinating corporate organizations - but regardless of the area you choose to work in, you'll find most of your time will be spent organizing and managing the day-to-day workings of your place of employment and assisting in the development of long term plans.

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Common Career Paths

Some of the most common educational administration positions include:

  • Principals and vice-principals
  • Directors and supervisors
  • Deans
  • Department coordinators (i.e. finance, resources, sports)

The administrative sector also spans all levels of education, from pre-school to university and adult education, so you can apply your position to whichever setting is most favorable.


Traditionally, administrators focus on the maintenance of the facility and the development of plans and goals, but it is not uncommon for them to work directly with students as well. For example, besides working on budgeting and marketing plans for the school, a principal will also oversee disciplinary issues and student attendance.

In the Future

Employment opportunities for educational administrators are on the rise. A number of established administrators will be ready for retirement in the next five to ten years. Since the positions require an extensive amount of past experience in the education field, the competition for available spots isn't as steep as it is for entry level positions.

Furthermore, methods of organization in schools have undergone extensive changes in the past few years. New positions have been developed, which are still being fine-tuned and established. The demands of an increased student population and the need for more specialized teachers require a firm coordination effort, and that means more positions continue to open in the administrative sector.


Administration positions are some of the highest paid in the education sector. Salaries considered low could run at roughly $45 000 a year, while the higher paid positions pull in over $110 000 a year.

Your salary will of course depend on the type of position you take and the experience you have to support your work. Administrators at the post-secondary level generally garner the highest salaries, but secondary schools aren't far behind. Regardless of pay, you'll find any of these jobs rewarding in a number of different ways.

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