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Marketing is one of the most common career choices in North America. The greatest part of a marketing position is the potential for advancement. As you gain experience with your company and your products or services, you become an expert in the field and can use your familiarity as leverage for advancement in both position and pay.

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What is a Marketing Career?

Marketing is a very broad term that describes a number of different positions. At its most basic, it's a sales-based career, but some of the other jobs your education in marketing may prepare you for include:

  • Account executive / manager: An account executive or manager will oversee the development and maintenance of customer accounts. You're responsible for the daily maintenance that goes into keeping customers satisfied - which means you'll be doing anything from making phone calls to arranging customer appreciation events and offers.
  • Art director: Art directors are the visual designers of an advertising team. You'll take the ideas from the advertiser and the copy writer and bring them together into a concrete visual presentation. Art directors are needed for both print and television advertising.
  • Brand manager: Research and development are the primary responsibilities of a brand manager. You'll be involved in all steps of product development - from conception to packaging to delivery. A brand manager is the expert for a particular brand or product and is basically responsible for its image.
  • Campaign manager: In an advertising company you can act in any number of positions, from account executive to copy writer. However, as a campaign manager, you're responsible for the development of advertising campaigns and the promotion of products and services.
  • Copy writer: A copywriter will focus primarily on research - you need to find out what will sell your product or service. You're closely involved with both manufacturers and services providers, as well as customers. A copywriter's product is the written portion of an advertising campaign.
  • Market researcher: Market research is the analysis of the audience for a particular product or service. You'll find out who you need to target for a successful advertising campaign and you'll also contribute to product development because you're the expert on what a particular type of person is looking for.
  • Media / public relations specialist: The responsibilities involved in these positions may be dealt with separately or with one relations specialist. Media and public relations present an image of a company to customers and media. This is an incredibly important position because you're the face of the company that's offered to the world. You'll deal with both the positive and negative aspects of relations, from holding press conferences to dealing with complaints.
  • New product planner / developer: Working closely with market researchers and brand managers, a new product planner or developer attempts to forecast potential trends and develop products that will help increase a company's profitability. People in this position are the future of a company, brand or service.
  • Sales or retail manager: While these are two distinct positions, the responsibilities closely resemble each other. A sales manager coordinates sales efforts and supervises sales representatives. While not generally in direct contact with customers, a sales manager is expected to be dedicated to both the customer and the product and to address any declines in sales or satisfaction. A retail manager will directly supervise the retail environment and coordinate sales representatives (and often act as one).
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