College Application Process

Making yourself stand out from other applicants

The application process for most career colleges is quite straightforward. First, you fill out a form (something you can now do online). Then, you send in all your information including transcripts, references and letters. Finally, you wait for the letter that will let you know whether or not you are accepted. Students have been going through the process for decades and it never seems to change. Still, it's practically guaranteed that you're going to be stressed out, nervous, distracted and plain old frazzled.

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Make Things Easy on Yourself

There are a few key steps to making the application process a little easier. First, remember that everyone else is going through the same thing you are. Admission officers understand that you're under a lot of pressure while you're completing these applications and they're also aware that many prospective students are still going to high school at the same time they are applying.

Try to treat the application process as if it's your part-time job. You can't fill out a great application in one sitting (reviewers will be able to tell if you didn't put in your best effort). Set aside a few hours each night to make sure that your application is as good as it can be.

When you fill out your application, keep these things in mind:

  • Fill out everything. A blank space suggests incompleteness and laziness. Make sure you fill everything out, even if it's a simple mark that suggests the section doesn't pertain to you. You would be amazed how many students whip through their applications and miss important sections (this is a good way to have your application tossed into the reject pile).
  • Be neat. It's simple: if they can't read it easily, they won't bother.
  • Don't leave anything out. Even if you have to attach additional sheets of paper, make sure that you're showing everything that makes you great. You may think that college admissions officers don't care that you've been involved in Scouts since you were three, but that kind of thing might just show some qualities that your grades and school activities miss. The important thing is that you don't leave any questions, especially if there's a section of your application that appears weak.
  • Sign it. This is another point that, if missed, shows neglect and laziness. A signature turns your application into a contract, telling reviewers that you assure completeness and honesty.
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