College Programs

Choosing a course of study

Most career colleges offer a wide variety of programs to their students. Whether you're looking to prepare for university or other schooling, or are planning to enter the workforce directly after college, it's important to do a bit of research and find out what school offers the career training program that's best able to support your career plans.

Program Categories

For the purposes of this section, we have broken down individual career college programs into the following categories:

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Within each of these categories, we take a close look at individual programs, with particular emphasis on what you need to know to find the best school. Our analysis also includes the job prospects for each career, both in the present and what's expected in the coming years (e.g., how many jobs are available, what the average salary is, etc.).

If you can't decide on a program right away, don't worry - take time to do some soul searching and discover what you're passionate about before you enroll. And remember, if down the road you believe you made the wrong choice, your decision doesn't have to be permanent. What's most important is that pursuing an education, regardless of the school or program you choose, is always a smart choice.

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