Aesthetics Schools

The business of looking good

Americans spend billions of dollars a year on aesthetics-related products and services - they get their hair and nails done, they buy the hottest fashions, they decorate their homes with the latest decor. The aesthetics industry is undergoing rapid growth, which means creative individuals entering the field today can find almost limitless opportunities in what they can achieve and how much they can earn.

Career Options

From being a spa owner to designing the latest clothes for the catwalks in Paris, or even working in Hollywood as a makeup artist for runway models and celebrities, the sky's the limit when it comes to careers in the field of aesthetics. Many in the industry also choose to open their own business, rather than joining forces.

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A few of the most popular professions in the aesthetics industry include:

Finding the Right School

A diploma from a reputable career college will really help open doors to an exciting career in aesthetics. Don't waste any more time - enroll today and start your path towards getting your license and the career of your dreams!

When choosing a school with an aesthetics program, the most important thing to consider is the qualifications of the teachers. You want to learn from the very best, so take the time to find out what professional experience the teaching staff has. Better yet, find some recent graduates and ask them their opinions of their former instructors.

It's also a good idea to make some phone calls to local salons. Ask to speak to the manager and get his or her opinion about the local community colleges' aesthetics programs.

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