Fashion Design School

A career in couture

Do you want to dictate the latest styles and fashion trends? There are many big names in the fashion industry and they all need to employ a staff of creative fashion designers. In addition, there are many fashion designers who freelance or work independently, usually in large metropolitan areas. These designers make a very good living, although their designs may not make it into the broad cultural consciousness.

Getting Educated

Many students decide to dip their toes into fashion design with a two year Associate's degree. But, if you're truly serious about making a career out of fashion, a Bachelor of Design degree or even a Master of Fine Arts will help you get further. In such a program, you'll be introduced to a broad range of related curriculum, including art history, art techniques, designing, sketching and much more.

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A solid understanding of computers is becoming increasingly important in the fashion design world. Computers are being used for simulations and modeling, to help you envision what a finished product will look like long before you finalize the design. When you're choosing a school with a fashion design program, be sure you find one that incorporates this type of computer software - and also proper training - into its curriculum.

As with all design schools, fashion design schools are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Job Prospects

Fashion design is a very competitive profession, with about 15,000 designers employed in the United States. It's also extremely lucrative for those who make it to the top of the industry. The greatest growth, however, is centered on providing stylish clothing that's also affordable.

The median salary for fashion designers is around $55,000, with average salaries ranging from $38,000 to roughly $77,000. Top designers earn well over $100,000 per year.

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