Feng Shui Schools

The art of tranquility

Feng shui is the Chinese art of space arrangement and object placement to create a harmonious atmosphere. Using concepts of geography, astrology, aesthetics, psychology and math, feng shui experts work with both architecture, design and decor to create a space that will increase the harmony, luck and joy in your life. Community college courses in feng shui will help you work with your own spaces, be it at work, at home or in the community, to create a peaceful environment.

The practice of feng shui assumes that people are connected to their environment, and the spaces they live in can affect their health, happiness and well being.

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Getting Educated

There are several different schools of feng shui, and the kind you learn at your local community college will depend on the beliefs of the instructor. You can learn:

  • Form
  • Compass
  • Black Sect
  • Flying Stars
  • Traditional or Classical

The form school is a contested method of feng shui because it doesn't use a compass or directional tool (and it is argued that all feng shui requires these tools). Traditional or classical feng shui is the kind that has been taught in China for thousands of years. It can be further broken up into techniques:

  • Bagua
  • Five phases
  • Qimen dunjia
  • San he
  • Xuan kong da gua
  • Flying stars
  • Ba zhai
  • Ziwei dou shu

There is no particular type or school of traditional or classical feng shui that is considered more accurate than another.

Job Prospects

Although feng shui is gaining popularity, there are still few jobs available even for experts. Those who do manage to earn a living as feng shui consultants usually possess other skills, such as an understanding of marketing and sales techniques.

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