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Careers for individuals who have creativity to spare

It's one thing to be naturally artistic, but it's entirely another to develop creative skill. Although you are generally born with artistic talent, these skills can be refined in an art and design school to help you gain the experience, connections and business know-how you need to get your art out to the masses.

Art and design schools offer many different levels of programs, but it's safe to say that the higher degree you achieve, the better your job prospects will be. Most people seeking a career in fine arts or a design-related field find the industry very competitive - as a result, most artists are self-employed.

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Career Options

If you're the kind of person who loves to attend the premiere of a film, the ballet, an art exhibition or a fashion show, then an education in art and design might be perfect for you. Some examples of careers in the arts include:

Finding the Right School

When choosing a school, be sure to take into consideration the portfolios of the faculty and staff. Read their biographies and find out what you can about their experience. Check out recent art college rankings to see what the experts think of the program you're considering. Keep in mind, though, that these college rankings can be subjective. The criteria used by the ranking guide editors may not match your art program wishlist. It's also a good idea to talk to students who have gone to the school, and find out how they rate their experience.

Online Art and Design Courses

Unlike many of the other career school programs discussed on this site, it's very difficult to obtain an art and design education online. This is because the arts require hands-on work in the company of your instructors. In fact, your instructors may be your most valuable resource, as they will have insight into how the business works, as well as practical experience and networking tips that can help you in your own career.

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