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Working in the world of commerce

It's a fact: Some of the world's richest businessmen in the world never spent a day in business school. But the greater truth is, very few people are naturally gifted at making sales, and the few who are exceptions to the rule - for the rest of us, a business school education can provide the tools we need to get ahead in the cutthroat world of commerce.

Career Options

Over 98 percent of the highest paying jobs in business require education beyond high school. For some students, that means studying the theories of macroeconomics at an Ivy League school. Others, however, are only concerned with learning relevant skills that can help them land a job in the business world as soon as possible. Exciting careers in business available to community college students include:

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Finding the Right School

The school you choose should be based on what you intend to get out of your education - ask yourself, what kind of business do I want to be in? What kind of business person do I want to be?

After graduation, when it's time to find a job, figure out what you're passionate about. It's great to have a huge salary, but money can't be your only consideration. A position that makes you happy is your best long-term investment.

Online Business Schools

An increasing number of students are taking business school courses online, and community colleges are offering many programs to accommodate their needs. Online business schools are also ideal if you're already in business and you want to brush up on some new ideas (or if the business that interests you operates in the virtual world).

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