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Help keep your local area safe

Criminal justice is a broad field that includes many different careers. Most careers in the field are available at the level of local, state and federal government, and include positions in the court system and with law enforcement and corrections agencies. However, in recent years, the field has begun to expand into the private sector, with jobs in private and business security.

Though the work may be hard at times, with a career in criminal justice you'll be able to go home at night with the knowledge that you helped make the world a safer place - that's something to be truly proud of.

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Career Options

Do you have a passion for upholding law and order? Do you want to give something back to your community? If you'd like to pursue these dreams and goals, but aren't prepared to spend years and years in school, the criminal justice field has many exciting jobs that could be right for you. A few of the most popular include:

Finding the Right School

To be successful in the field of criminal justice, you'll need to have good communication skills and the ability to make decisions under pressure. There's no better place to hone these skills than at a community college with a reputable program.

Lots of community colleges offer programs in criminal justice, so you'll likely have to make a choice between several schools. It's never a bad thing to have choice, so take full advantage of your position. Take a close look at each school and figure out which one is best for you - which program is the most attractive? Which teachers are the most qualified? Most importantly, which school gives you the best chance of landing a great job in the industry? Take the time to make a smart decision, so you can have the career you've dreamed of.

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