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Working as a secondary educator

School counselors provide academic and social support to students who are experiencing difficulty with school, home or friends. A typical day for a counselor might involve helping seniors apply for college, helping a new student through a tough first day and helping to resolve a conflict between two students.

School counselors also act as advocates for their students, supporting them and giving advice when it comes to issues like dealing with teachers, court cases and parental disputes.

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Getting Educated

All school counselors need to be certified to qualify for work in the public school system. Many high school counselors hold a Bachelor's or even a Master's degree in their field. However, in some school districts it's possible to successfully complete all the training you need to land a job as a counselor at your local community college.

The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs sets standards for all high school counselors. Counselors are expected to have training in career development, diversity and human interaction, as well as human behavior and social services. After you've completed your schooling, you have to pass a certification test.

Job Prospects

In the coming years, the job opportunities for counselors are very promising. It's expected that the number of job openings will exceed the number of graduates from counseling programs. The median annual earning for school counselors is nearly $50,000.

Because pretty much anything can happen in the day to day operation of a high school, working as a high school counselor is rarely dull. If you love working with young people and are committed to helping them get through some of the toughest years of their lives, a career as a high school counselor may be perfect for you.

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