Mortuary School

Training in the funeral services

Mortuary training consists of the technical elements of the funeral industry, including embalming and mortuary sciences. Some community colleges will also offer funeral director training in the same program, so you graduate with the ability to work both sides of the industry.

Getting Educated

As a mortuary student, some of the topics you'll study include:

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  • Embalming - How the process works.
  • Environmental health - How your job and your business affect the environment, and how you can run an environmentally friendly mortuary.
  • Human anatomy - The ins and outs of the human body.
  • Pathology - Examination and diagnosis techniques.
  • Physiology - The normal functioning of the human body.
  • Restorative arts - How to disguise injury and disfigurement, and how to present an accurate representation of the deceased.
  • Statistics - Understanding and applying statistics to the mortuary business.

Additional training based on the business side of the industry, may include:

  • Accounting - How to balance the books and keep financial records.
  • Business management - How to develop and maintain a financially viable operation.
  • Client relations and customer service - Learning proper PR and how to keep your clients calm and satisfied during difficult times.
  • Communications - How to relate to your clients and your employees, and how to brand your organization.
  • Community relations - How to get your organization into the public eye.
  • Computers - How to use computer applications to make the maintenance of your business easier and more efficient.
  • Death and children - How to deal with children experiencing the death of a loved one, and how to deal with clients and the community at the time of a child's death.
  • Ethics - How to run an ethical business.
  • Human relations and psychology - How to deal with people individually and in groups during difficult and stressful events.

Job Prospects

Mortuary training will help students prepare to enter a sometimes stressful and always sensitive career arena. You'll be dealing with people who are experiencing stress, confusion and chaos and who require the assistance of someone who empathizes but isn't directly involved in the event. Your training is key to a successful and well-respected business.

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