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A career that's a #1 smash hit

Music production sounds like a glamorous career, but it's important to know right off the bat that the path to success will be long and difficult. The music industry is difficult to even break into, but the best advice is simply to start.

First with research - watch documentaries and read articles on how big-name producers got their start. Tour recording studios and talk to people in the industry, and you can even read books on how to become a producer. In the meantime, produce your own music, take on small clients or any job you can and then begin to think about pursuing higher avenues.

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Getting Educated

Whether you intend to teach music production or are hoping to capitalize on your training, determination and luck to make it big in the music industry, starting with a good education, either at a reputable music production school or a college with a comprehensive music production program, is key.

You'll want to look for learning opportunities that cover a broad range of skills under music production, such as:

  • Songwriting
  • Specific instruments, such as guitar or keyboard
  • Arranging music
  • Business

These are all very valuable areas of study for those interested in music production. There's a good chance you'll have to take on some freelance work in music performance (e.g. as a studio musician) during times when you can't find production work.

Job Prospects

Many record producers start out as musicians, so if you have a solid background in music (playing with bands, recording, etc.) you may have a shot at a career in music production. If this describes you, enrolling in music production school may be a worthwhile move - but beware, there are many production schools that are more interested in having you as a student than in helping you in your career as a music producer.

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