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Deciding to buy a home is an important decision in anyone's life - and during this time, it's crucial to have a real estate broker or sales agent whom you trust to help you make the right decision. Real estate is an industry that's perfect not only for those of us who care about homes, but also those of us who care about people.

Getting Educated

If you want to sell real estate, you must become licensed. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, so first find out what the laws are in your local area. Real estate training courses are offered at many career schools, so you can also look into the ones in your area for availability. If you're comfortable with computers, you could also take the courses online. This option may be ideal, given the changes in the real estate industry toward online communication.

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Job Prospects

In the first few years of the new millennium, the real estate boom created many jobs and made it relatively easy and financially satisfying to sell real estate. With the Internet, the process has been made even simpler, with tools like online home tours, real estate websites and web search tools. However, the boom is not going to last forever. The industry is very cyclical, and for every boom period in the past, there has been a time when selling real estate for a living has been a tough go.

The facts: Of the many people who attempt to sell real estate for a living, between 10 and 15 percent actually survive in the business. Of those who survive, about 20 percent do well in real estate sales. However, the possibility of large financial success still leads many people to give it their best shot in the industry.

Most realtors are (on average) in their 30s or older. Many of these people enter the industry to sell real estate part-time, leaving plenty of time for other activities.

Regardless of what happens with the economy, over the next 10 years there will be changes to the way real estate is sold. Today, real estate agents do a lot more work from offices and desktops than they ever have in the past. People are able to look at and tour homes online, set appointments and even make offers. As time progresses, the industry will become even more reliant on technology.

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