Architecture School

The art and science of building

If you've ever marveled at the beauty in the structure of a skyscraper, stadium, opera house or even just a common home, you have an architect's appreciation for aesthetics. However, architecture is both an art and a science, so the people who design and construct buildings must also have a strong background in mathematics and engineering. Buildings have to look good, but they also have to be safe and fully-functional. All these facets make being an architect one of the most interesting, challenging and rewarding professions in the world today.

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Getting Educated

If you're interested in a career in architecture or drafting, the best way to get started is to enroll at an architecture school. Architects must become licensed before they can begin working - first, you must earn a degree in architecture, then, you are expected to complete an internship. Lastly, you have to pass a licensing exam.

Today's architecture schools teach the latest aspects of design. You'll use cutting edge computer-aided drafting technology (such as programs like AutoCAD I, AutoCAD II, ArcView GIS, Architectural Desktop, InRoads SelectCAD and Microstation). These programs are changing the way architects work and are opening up many exciting new possibilities in the industry.

Whether you want to start from the ground up or simply enhance your skills, architecture school can help you get ahead in a very competitive industry.

Job Prospects

Architects typically work in one of three service industries: professional, scientific and technical. The career outlook for architects is very closely tied to how much construction activity there is in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors. It's expected that each of these sectors will experience growth over the next several years, so there will be no shortage of work for trained architects.

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