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A high school education has almost exclusively become the minimum requirement in the working world - in fact, high school grads are 70 percent more likely to be employed than dropouts. If you're interested in completing high school but attending classes in person doesn't fit your lifestyle, or you're a mature student and feel you might be uncomfortable in the classroom, online courses may be right for you.

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Attending Online High School is easy, and has a number of advantages you won't find in a real world high school. For one thing, you can never be late for home room! Here's a look at a few more of the advantages of completing your high school diploma online:

  • There's a greater degree of anonymity, if you're sensitive about age, learning style or other factors.
  • There's no peer pressure when you are online, there are no cliques or sense of a need to prove yourself.
  • If you're injured or otherwise infirm, you'll still be able to learn. In fact, this has been the case with a high percentage of pioneering students in online learning. Despite injury or sickness that had them housebound, they were able to finish high school using online instruction.
  • You can complete courses on your own time. Work can be done late at night, on your lunch hour, etc.
  • There's a wider variety of courses available. Some programs allow you to choose between more than 500 online courses.

Important Considerations

When you're searching for high schools offering online courses, you'll want to be sure to avoid high school diploma mills. As with mills offering university and college degrees, high school diploma mills sell unreliable diplomas, granted with no requirement of study or academic testing.

Some of the best online learning environments employ the latest innovations in technology and web services, to make learning more interactive and easier for self-study. However, a number of older (if anything in the short life of online learning can be considered old) and outdated learning models are still in use. Be sure to take a look at the school's website and interface design, and check for freshness. Some schools have worked hard to create online learning modules that are robust, varied and innovative, while others have clearly fallen behind.

Diploma vs. GED

An alternative to earning your high school diploma is to take the General Educational Development (GED) test. Many consider it to be equal to a high school education, but often a perception of difference exists. Those who have passed the GED test may be eligible for many of the same professional positions, but they can't call themselves "high school graduates." Only those who have been granted a diploma may use this label.

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