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Making the grade

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current skills, complete your high school education, work on a post secondary degree or take a general interest course, online learning is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for people who find themselves just too busy to attend traditional school.

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Online learning is very different from the traditional school setting for a number of reasons. Just a few include:

  • Learning is primarily independent and students don't have the same types of social interaction as are found on campus;
  • Students have more control over their schedule - they can progress through programs at their own pace and are able to graduate faster than on campus students;
  • Online learners are a diverse group, encompassing a number of different skill and age levels.


Whether you're enrolled in online learning for business or interest, you need to know exactly what you can do with your new knowledge. There are a number of different careers, including business, computer and information technology, education and teaching and health and medicine, that have embraced online education and offer a variety of opportunities for people looking to enter the profession or advance their careers.

Language School

While language training typically involves a lot of personal interaction with an instructor, online language courses have recently started to develop. You can take advantage of online education to learn English or other languages.

Online writing classes are another recent trend. Writing skills are critical to advancement in many careers, and these classes can be an opportunity to improve your writing skills in a flexible format, in your spare time. Lesson materials and notes are made available online. You submit your writing assignments by email, and the instructor sends back detailed feedback on how to improve. Usually, the instructor is available for real-time chat sessions, to provide coaching and answer questions. These sessions may include other students, as well, allowing you to benefit from others' ideas and comments without ever meeting in person.


Since many online students find themselves removed from the general culture that's found on campus, you can consult the articles and resources found here to find guidance and advice as you progress through your education. You can compare online and campus learning, investigate the costs of your education and the resources available to help you pay for it, and also learn some of the best tips for studying and test preparation.

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