Test Preparation

Stay calm and succeed

All the joy of learning can fly out the window if you don't perform well on tests and exams. As they're generally unavoidable in any type of learning program, your best chance for success is to be properly prepared. Before you write off higher education at the thought of an examination, have a look at our study tips to help you get the results you want:

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Study Hard and Study Smart

Studying isn't an exact science, but there are some things you can do to maximize the time you spend hitting the books. First, it's vital to select a good study place. It can be in your office, bedroom, basement or even your garage, just as long as it's free of distractions.

Once you've found a place to study, you'll want to establish some good study habits. Studying is all about developing the right attitude - it's important that you set goals, think positively and confront your stress head on. If you search out excuses for why you might fail, you probably will fail. On the other hand, if you believe learning offers you the opportunity to stretch your mind, grow and acquire some of the skills you need to better yourself, then school will work for you, just as you work for it.

The Moment of Truth

No matter how well you study, you still need to be prepared sit down on test day and communicate all the knowledge you have gained via pen and paper (or, in the case of online testing, via mouse and keyboard). We have a number of tips for test day that will help you stay on track under pressure, and allow you to put those long study hours to work.

Standardized Tests

No one likes to write tests, and few are more daunting than the standardized tests you might encounter throughout the learning process. But remember, anxiety is normal - with the pressure of tests like the GED, SAT, ACT, and other well-knowns, it can seem like the rest of your life hinges on how you score. The important thing is that you learn to control this anxiety so you can perform to the best of your abilities.

The vast majority of people who don't score well on their SAT or other entrance examination simply underestimated the difficulty of the exam and weren't adequately prepared. You can avoid this by using as many study resources as you can find, and also by checking out overviews of each test. If you know in advance what kind of questions you'll be looking at, you'll have a greater chance at success.

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