Make the most of your efforts

Studying is mostly about attitude. If you approach studying negatively, you're setting yourself up to fail, but if you go in motivated to succeed, then you'll likely attain the results you want.

A positive attitude is the first step to passing your tests, but you'll still need to study hard. With just a few adjustments, you'll be able to organize your study time to get the most out of each session in order to achieve your goals.

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Take a look at our tips to help you get started:

Set a Goal

Decide how well you want to do on your exam. Do you want to get an A+, or are you satisfied with simply a passing grade?

Start Early

Cramming the night before a test can be stressful, and it's far from the best way to learn. Begin your studying well in advance so that you have adequate time to cover all necessary course material in detail.

Study Smart

Think back to your coursework and lectures and recall all the cues the teacher or professor gave you concerning the course material. What was he or she particularly interested in? What themes were reoccurring? Focus your study on the important topics and concepts of the course, rather than getting hung up on tiny details.

Study Hard

Studying takes time, effort, will power and commitment - are you willing to do what's necessary? Set yourself up for success by scheduling distraction-free blocks of study time.

Master Your Stress

Consider anxiety a message. You need to listen to listen and respond to it - not run from it. People who are successful use stress as motivation, so try to meet your own stress and worry head on. Focus on the concepts and potential test items that give you the most anxiety, and master them. When you know you're adequately prepared, the stress will melt away.

Stay Positive

Focus on giving yourself reasons why you'll ace your test, not reasons why you'll fail. If you believe you'll succeed, studies show that you're more likely to do so. As you study, visualize how your hard work will pay off. Imagine yourself handing your test in - or, in the case of online schools, pressing the 'submit' button - confidently, knowing that you have done your best. Use this visualization as motivation. You can see it in your mind; now do the work required to make it happen!

After you've completed studying, there's only one thing left to do: write the test! Follow a few tips for test day and your hours of hard work and preparation will pay off in results.

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